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1 ARINC Documents To view documents you must be registered with the ARINC website. In the centre of the home page click on ‘ARINC Standards’ under the ‘Shop Our Online Store’ Right Click on 'Login' and then click on 'Open in New Window' To register click on 'Create Account' on the left hand menu. It will be necessary to use your company email address for access to the benefits. Old ARINC standards may only be available in hard copy, contact your administrator if you have not found the ARINC standard you are looking for. Once you have setup your user Right Click on 'Login' and then click on 'Open in New Window' the download buttons should appear when searching for standard no.
2 BSI (UK only) and adopted IEC, ISO & EN Documents To view documents you need the DAEUK User Name and Password, see contacts on the <e-Standards> homepage. You will need to register the first time you use this service. (1) Within IHS Home page: @ IHS Login link Right-Button click and Open New Window (2) Login and go to IHS Standards Expert to perform your search. It maybe better to search only on the number (no prefixes) for adopted standards, such as ISO. If the standard is outside our subscription you can order online, the order will be checked for alternative sources by the DAEUK Standards Administrators, cost codes or works order numbers are required for purchase. Right Click on 'Standards Expert' and then click on 'Open in New Window'
3 CAA (UK) Documents Use the search box on the right hand side of the CAA homepage to find standards. Standards are free.  
4 AFNOR (NF) including ISO (FR only) Documents      
5 DEF STAN Documents You need to register to use this website. To find DEF STANs, click on the 'Defence Standards' link at the bottom of the DSTAN homepage. Search for the standard. Follow the instructions if you have not registered. To activate your password you will need to login again into a new window - @ Login Right-button click to 'Open in New Window' Documents are Free, but for Classified documents contact your Administrator - see the <e-Standards> homepage