Searching for Executive Producers to Raise Money for a Dystopian Film

Looking for executive producers to help us raise money for ONE, a dystopian short film directed by the Freise Brothers. Here's the film's landing page:

We've raised $130,000 so far, but we need to raise another $25,000 before we begin shooting in rural Missouri on March 6.

We're offering a 15% finder's fee for all money raised, and we'll give an EP credit to anyone who helps us raise at least $10,000. If you can help us raise at least $1,000, we'll give you an associate producer credit.

ONE is a story about a desperate junk artist, Leo, who is trying to escape poverty by winning a competitive ritual that demands a blood sacrifice. After a string of rejections, Leo begins to wonder if the price of aspiring is too steep.

Email or text for details.

Thank you!
compensation: 15% finder's fee for all money raised

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