Man & Machine Service - Backhoe, Trenching, Stump Grinding, Leveling +

independently owned and operated small business.

We Provide Professional Mini Skid
(Man & Machine For Hire Service)
We operate out of Morristown, NJ
Normally we travel approximately in a 1 hour Radius out from Morristown, NJ
(We Cover All of Northern, NJ / and even some top parts of Central, NJ)

Larger 2 or 3 day jobs (meaning 12-18 hrs of work ordered consecutively) outside of our 1 hr. targeted radius may be arranged special (call to discuss location we don't ever go further than 2 hrs away for special 2-3 day duration jobs)

Online Booking & Scheduling Available On Our Website
(it’s our required method of booking all jobs)

if for any reason you don't or won't enter your own job description we just do it for you just text us…

🔗 at (click on the book online button)

We deliver our powerful equipment and our assistance when and where you need it!
We provide expert operated equipment (not a machine rental)
Our preferred payment methods: 1st is a C.C. or Debit Card via our detailed emailed invoice.
Two other payment methods is Mailed Check or Cash Handed In Person
☑ Fully Insured
☑ Fully Licensed
☑ NJ HIC License # 13VH08487800
☑ NJ DEP Certified Fertilizer Applicator # C007364
☑ Facebook Business Page Has Numerous Photo Examples Of Our Work In Albums
☑ 5 Star Rated
☑ Google Reviews & Listed
☑ Home Advisor Listed & Approved
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• Man & Machine For Hire
• Yard Work Made Easy
• DIY Projects
• We Prep, You Finish


Please be aware that we wont load our heavy equipment on to our trailers and tow equipment to customers all over NJ expending gas without careful reimbursement and reasonable profits.

Our hourly rates range from $125 per hr for Log Splitting to $150 per hour for other mini skid services like. (Trenching, Digging / Material Move Turf / Leveling Work)

Hourly rates directed to homeowners is $150 per hour plus calculated travel fee (website estimates and applies this fee if further then 5 miles away)

Subcontractor price discounts can be obtained depending on a CONTINUOUS business relationship (we go down minimally per hr.!). No sub discount is applied for one time jobs. Gas fees will still apply.

ALL STUMP GRINDING has a minimum arrival fee of $150. Even small quick stumps. Gas fee ranges $25-$50 please don’t text expecting to pay less. It’s just unrealistic.

We start billing our hourly rate only for “Machine On-site Operation” and NOT for the travel time or loading or unloading.

We DO NOT offer alternative flat rates nor do we attempt to any make hard commitments with exact time durations. We usually give customers an estimated time range. ex. Minimum 2 hrs. 2-4, hrs or 4-6 hrs and 6 hrs is considered a full day ...
The reason we choose to charge hourly is because we can’t always know all exact details until we nail down the job’s full scope. (meaning the exact sq. ft., depth of dig cu ft. of pile or tilling process or the ground conditions (rocks, roots). Until details are fully determined exact duration will remain unknown. Hourly prices that we use typically remains approx. 30% LESS then most of our “flat rate” competition doing similar work without our unique capabilities.

Be aware....many landscaper’s “Flat Rates” are either overpriced to win or underestimated guesses. Some purposely alter their pricing once a sizable deposit is taken and when job is in process they then try to increase fee by job creep or they purposely pad numbers. This guesswork and number padding is NOT OUR WAY. We bill exactly what we do. No more & No less! The faster we go the less the job will cost. If we run into unexpected delays or obstacles based on your job they are all accounted for as they always should be.

You always can stop work once we hit the min. 2 hr. mark and you are uncommitted to continue the job and pay any more than the required 2 hrs. The stopping of our work NEVER occurs because we routinely exceed all customer expectations. Our advanced machines and job specific attachments are fast, powerful and efficient. We move through jobs as fast as our operator and our machines can operate..(( Safely)) (If your planning a large leveling or Roto-tilling job and your just trying to figure out a general budget for work, just to be safe and plan for us at being approx. $75 per square ft. to run our attachments over any large sq ft. area(s).

* Travel / Gas Fees often apply (we calculate these fees based on the distances and the number of trips). Please be aware that gas is now close to $6 per gallon. and we must tow very large trailers with big V8 engines. Be realistic in your requests and billing expectations.
* Yard Dumping Fees and Tolls are added separately to our bills (no markup)
* Weekday Hours: Daily from 10am to 4pm (Saturday & Sunday is 3pm to 7pm)
* Holidays may be blocked enjoy so them with your family. We will as well.
* Most of our services have a 2 Hour Minimum or Minimum Fee

Our services have a 6 hour max per day (meaning we hard stop at exactly 4pm)
Why stop at 4pm? 1) Because continually running engines in machines like ours longer than 6 hrs per day is not good for the machines mechanical systems 2) 6 or more hours can be very tough on the operators back and legs due to machine vibrations. 3) The operator needs to actually have a life. 4) Reloading the trailer still takes about 1/2 hour ( travel back can sometimes add another hour)

Customer directed changes to a booked job(s) must be clearly communicated via phone email or text no less than 24 hours prior to the confirmed appointment time. Customer directed cancellation phone calls, emails or texts must be received by us and opened, VIEWED and COMMUNICATED BACK to be valid. Look out for our response. Confirmation is not just your message.
If we spend time pre-loading up our trailers, burning gas and time to travel out to your residence set up to work and the work already has been done or for some unknown reason it can’t be done due to a physical obstacle (i.e no clear path, a restrictive locked gate or unmentioned steep hill or raised level) or just no one is home to monitor the job your booking fee will automatically be forfeited and an additional $125 (Lost day of work fee) will be billed to your credit card. Please understand this type work requires site access, pre-planning, setup time travel time and expense and restrictive scheduling. We cannot make up for lost days faster than in 24 hours.

If for some reason our operator is sick, hurt or our a machine goes down for 1 week or 2 and a rental unit for some reason is unavailable you will be notified via email and by phone/text and the job will then be rescheduled.

We may take some intermittent jobs between Dec 1st and March (usually it's - stump grinding, log splitting and dumpster loading / dump trailer hauling work) (all our dirt related work, like digging, leveling, trenching and plantings usually is not possible or advisable) This 4 month winter period is our off season because it's a very difficult time to work in dirt in Northern NJ. Be prepared for inevitable delays due to strong winds, freezing cold temperatures, rain, snow and mud. Weather and any seasonal delays can be uncontrollable. Delays due to weather is part of all outdoor landscaping so the weather should always be monitored. Wet delays are to be expected. Bottom line is we cannot safely operate tracked equipment in the rain or in muddy soil it tears up turf, clogs and sinks. Bad for the hydraulic mechanism inside the minis skid too. We will call you the morning of job to discuss the weather situation and you will be rescheduled to the next available open day. Please understand that we always work consecutive manner so this date will be when our schedule reopens. If weather delay(s) remain a major concern you can always just book and reserve two days. Use one day as a fall back.

In person visit / sales calls giving customers a rough time estimate are meant only for unusual circumstances that can not be predetermined by phone and these will usually be done on a rain day or in late evenings or on the weekends typically between 7pm to 9pm (we just cannot go out to see every job beforehand and usually there is no pressing need)
Your best bet to get an on site visit is to call us in the morning of a RAIN DAY at 8am-930am.

please visit 🔗 or it's the same site
GO AHEAD AND SCHEDULE YOUR PROJECT USING OUR ONLINE BOOKING SYSTEM on button (Book Online) on our website menu and follow the prompts.
Please don’t leave any blank fields as it wont move forward if you do.
(any glitches or issues with our system please report to our phone number below)
This online system is how we organize our upcoming weeks and how we control our consecutive appointments. It provides disclaimers and common questions.
Our online system makes rescheduling days due to rain days or muddy conditions much faster easier as it provides immediate confirmation emails
Just Select The Category and the Related Sub Service
If the project day and time is selectable its open. (greyed out means it’s booked or blocked)

The $25 Booking Fee at end is applicable for most of our services
(this small deposit reserves your day or day(s)
No booking fee needed for: Stump Grinding, Log Splitting or Dump Trailer Backup
Booking fees amounts are returned to our customers as a -$25 deduction from your invoice assuming that no last minute cancelations or wasted lost day trip occurs (a min of 24 hours notice is required for email, text or any cancel notifications) (read cancellations)

➤ Ditch Witch SK1050 (38hp) (stand on)
Our Ditch Witch Mini Skid Steer designed to be powerful yet gentle on all expensive turf and walkways. It's rubber tracks are designed to deliver a low pressure per sq. inch
The SK1050 Ditch Witch Mini Skid also will fit through all standard yard gates. (machine is 42 inches wide and attachments typically can be lifted over and above any gate sides)

➤ Ditch Witch R300 Zahn Tool Carrier (30hp) (stand on machine)
(center articulates in turns so wheels becomes very easy on turf as opposed to zero turning tracks)
(w/high lift front) (a choice of tracks or tires)

➤ Toro ST-38 Dedicated Tracked Stump Grinder (38hp) - w/green teeth cutters.

➤ Stinger Quad Aer 3600 Aerator w/Smart Seeder (drop seed) & w/Jarco Broadcast Seeder
Core Aerates and drop grass seed in 1 pass. (stand on)

➤ 10ft x 5ft Sure Trac Dump Trailer w/landscape gate or removable bar gate
Haul up to 2-3 cu yards of material or approx. 4200 lbs.

➤ Husqvarna YTH24V54 (ride on) lawn mower w/(24hp) Hydrostatic 54 inch mower deck
(our mower is used for towing our tow behinds tools not for mowing) it has AWD drive capability for traction up minor hills and excellent turf tires.

(listed attachments we own) (others can be rented)
* Light Material Bucket - 48 inch wide holds 9 cu feet of material
* 4 Fanged Larger Ripper
* Felly Harley Rake
* Toro Soil Cultivator
* 3 Fanged Small Aera Ripper
* Backhoe w/optional 12 inch Bucket or a 6 inch trenching Bucket (optional - single ripper or grapple w/thumb)
* Toro Jackhammer
* Stumper 220 Stump Grinder
* CID High Torque Auger
* Auger Drilling Bit Diameters
9 inch dirt bit, 12 inch rock crushing bit, 18 inch dirt bit, 30 inch dirt bit for 24” dry wells)
* Auger Torque Stump Planner (10 inch diameter holes)
* Auger bit extension - up to 60 inch deep holes.
* Trencher Attachment (w/3 ft bar) (w/shark teeth and cups for rocky ground)
* CID Mini Skid Fork Attachment
* Power Sweeper for (lighter snow, pavement cleaning, artificial turf or lawn dethatching)
* Toro Snow Blower Attachment
* Toro Level Bar Attachment
* Boom Attachment
* CID 4in1 Hydraulic Clamping Bucket w/teeth
* Screening Rock Bucket w/ duel grapple
* Narrow fork mounted tipping bucket (for narrow gates)
* 35 Ton Reverse Ramsplitter Log Splitter
* Quick Spade for fork

* Tow behind 4’ King Kutter Kultipacker (seed pressing)
* Tow behind 48 ft wide Drag Harrow (detail leveling and seed raking)
* Tow behind 48” Plug or Core Aerator
* Tow behind 42” Sweeper w/Dethatcher
* 10 Cu Ft. Poly Cart (for manual top dressing)
* Bosche SDS Hammer Drill w/chisels and carbide bits
(rock drilling and rock removal from stumps)
* Ezebreak Microblasting & Ecobust expanding mortar (2 Boulder splitting processes)
* DeWalt 9 inch and 4.5 inch angle grinder (cutting off metal obstacles)
* Overland Electric Wheelbarrow 10 cu.ft. with Power Dump and Extended Range Battery
(top dressing, stump chip transport, customer DIY brush moving)

* Unbeatable turf / bad grass restoration services
(no need to buy huge amounts of topsoil) (often we can use what you already have)
* Exceptional Stump Grinding & Stump Planning Service (chip cleanup and ground repair)
* Ground Digging (Preperation for patios, walkways, decks etc.)
* Gravel / QP Driveway Extensions
* Harley Rake Removal of Rocks from Soil for Grass Seed or Sod Preparation
* Lawn Removal (Fang ripping and the turning in of turf and weeds)
* Soil Cultivation (6 inch churning and leveling)
* Core Aeration and Overseeding - Newe Lawn Seeding and Fertilizing. * Mulch, Topsoil, Fill Dirt, Sand, Gravel River Rock, Pea Gravel Drop & Spread
* Experienced Bamboo Removal or Containment - Trenching
* Trenching (for sprinklers, electrical conduit, electric dog fences, any cable)
* Garden Shed Base Preparation
* Children's Play-Set Base Preparation
* Small Garden Pond Removal or Preparation
* Above Ground Pool Base Preparation or Restoration
* Patio / Porch Foundation Auger/Holes for Foundation
* Fence Post Holes
* Commercial / Field Lighting Post Holes
* Lift and Move: Forklift - (Paver Stones, Bricks, others) up to 900 lbs. per load.
* Brush & Shrub Removal
* Large Already Downed Branch Cut Up and Removal
* Vegetative Area Clearing (thorns, tough overgrowth)
* Log Splitting (up to 34 inch in diameter) (Round Relocation & Round Disposal Any Size)
* Full Yard Renovations
* Planting And Transplanting Of Shrubs or Even Small Trees
* Arborvitae Tree Wall Plantings
* Gutter Downspout French Drainage / Pipe and Trenching
* NDS Flow Well Dry Well Installations
* Natural Stone Flower Bed Construction
* Boulder dig outs and decorative relocations (up to certain size and weight)
* Boulder Removal / Expanding Mortar / Rock Splitting / Boulder Splitting Service.
* Dump Trailer Usage & Low Side Dumpster Loading

Trailer drop off, haul and dump service
learn more about this service go to 🔗--->
Trailer dropped off the night before.
$150 flat daily usage fee per day: use 9am til 4pm.
$50 per hour for driving and dumping service
max 2 dumps at local yards per day
We are registered with NJ at the Parsippany Local Transfer Station to Commercially dump garbage
We also dump at a cement recycling yard in newark and at a vegetation yard (Milburn & Chatham)

✆ Call or Text 💬 at nyneSevnthree -ThreewonSevn - AtenyneAteSevn




Contractor or Sub Contractor Rates May Be Applicable Once A Working Relationship Is Established
Subcontractor References Are Available Customer’s Ownership Always Respected
We work with numerous other landscapers, tree services, masons, home flippers & general contractors.

No advertisements or solicitations sent to this add will be read considered so please don’t bother.

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