Shelters, Cattle, Cows, Horses, Sheep, Goats, Sheds, Chickens, Cabins - $3,465

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The price quoted is a Plain Jane model 8 ft. x 16 ft.. On the website we have 4 different shelter models and 20 sizes with options.

Rolling Hill shelters are designed, and steel fabricated to protect your animals during all four seasons of the year. They provide a warm, dry shelter through the fall and winter.

Rolling Hill Mfg. is a superior steel shelter manufacture! 4-models to choose from: Perfect Storm, Prime Time, Rainy Day, and Plain Jane. Each model is fabricated and priced based on amount of steel, steel thickness and grade of steel. Our shelters start at $3465.

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Rolling Hill Mfg. is the largest fabricator of Steel Shelters in the mid-west with two locations. Shelters are fabricated with 100% U.S. steel! Now shipping in 10 central, mid-west states including Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, Kentucky and Arkansas.

Our fabricated steel shelters are Strong, Solid, Tough, Durable, Resilient and Heavy-Duty! Our 40-year steel frame warranty is like no other in the industry with no rust through or weld breaks under any condition! We have certified welders and use certified USA steel/iron, just like the steel bridges in rural US country sides.
Our fabricators are professional welders. Certified welders must possess the skills necessary to produce a sound weld, which is visually acceptable and also meets testing requirements. The qualification of welders can be accomplished by making radio-graphs or by using bend tests, as required by many welding codes.

The heavy gauge sliding skids are built to perfection and square built to last in position no matter how many times you move/slide your shelter for cleaning or relocation preference. Our Perfect Storm Model, inside walls are welded with steel pipe, lined 3" center spacing giving longevity and safety for your livestock. Prefabricated steel shelters are manufactured and delivered completely assembled.

With so many ranchers' needs, we can design, engineer, and fabricate the perfect cattle/horse/sheep shelter for your specific livestock requirements. We have quick turnaround, typically the quickest in the business! In colder climates, calving shelters can dramatically increase calving success rates, keeping cows and their newborn calves warm and dry immediately after calving.

Whatever type of shelter you choose for your livestock, the secret to a successful shelter is to keep it dry and clean to prevent illness. In cold weather, straw bedding can be left to build up, removing only wet spots daily and covering each stall with enough new straw to make it clean for the animals. The buildup of straw and manure can make the shelter warmer.

When the weather warms up and if your bedding stays wet, it must be thoroughly cleaned. A small area can be cleaned with a fork and wheelbarrow, but a large shelter can be designed to clean with a small tractor or skid with a bucket. Shelter calving can be clean and disease-free, if you make sure livestock have clean bedding and pairs are not left in the shelter too long after birthing.

As temperatures heat up during the summer, livestock owners need to assess the heat stress that their livestock are under. Typically, pastured livestock are not as susceptible to heat stress as those in a small lot. Pastured livestock have the ability to seek shade, water and air movement to cool themselves. At temperatures above 80 degrees Fahrenheit cattle endure physiologic stress trying to deal with their heat load. Although livestock, at this temperature are not at risk of dying, they will have an increased maintenance requirement to cope with the heat. Owners should have a plan to manage heat to not only prevent death loss but also performance loss from decreased efficiency and feed intake. During very hot summers, it's important your livestock are able to get in from these types of conditions for health reasons.

• Longevity steel shelters lasting 40 years with frame and siding
• Mobility to move over a 100 times without moving out of square
• Shelter is always square with no leaning or separation of welds
• Heavy-duty, strong gates mounted on steel vertical studs with grease insert hinges and double latches
• Capability of creating a number of configurations with pens and alleys inside...even head gates
• Steel studs are impervious to fire, termites, warps, rot, splitting and other hazards/deteriorations which can normally affect organic-based building material...namely, pine wood.
• Steel shelters are twice the weight of pine wood which is important in high winds
• Steel is more durable than wood with a longer life
• Resale value is 8 times greater
Our steel shelters, you'll have for a life time.
Over 20 options available and here are a few:
1. Heavy industrial gates / calf gate / head gates / horse back-latches / slam latches / double gate latches
2. Tack or feed mineral rooms / glass windows / wind break side extension sides / sliding doors / canvas gates
3. Heated birthing rooms
4. Tack rooms keeps newborns warm, dry, better live rate
5. 20 colors to choose from for your steel roof/side. Mix or match trim with 40-year warranty
6. Steel entry side doors and sliding doors options
7. Option to have 2 or 3 - 2 3/8" steel guard rails around shelter. Use to tie up club calves/horses or just protect
outside steel siding
8. Wood lining can substitute steel lining / optional insulation
9. Lights inside/outside / Electricity powered by solar
10. Camera system to monitor livestock- (smart phone set-up 24/7)
11. Black tarp can be placed on the front gates to keep out the cold wind
12. Add tack/storage or AI room
Various sizes of 10 and 12 feet wide and 10, 20, 25, 30 to 40 feet long. Consider removable gates in front of the shelters to work your livestock.
Four Fabrication models to choose from: Plain Jane, Rainy Day, Prime Time, Perfect Storm
Livestock shelters for cattle, horses, goats, sheep with options of:
1. Open front
2. Sliding doors
3. Working pens and alleys / head gates
4. Heated calving rooms and stalls
5. Horse tack rooms and stalls
6. Sizes to choose from -8 feet wide x 16 feet long to 12 feet wide x 40 feet long and all those measurements in between.
We value every customer and would be willing to design your shelter with no fees. You do get what you pay for and it should be that way. Imagine if you didn't get what you pay for… there would be no way of knowing what the quality of item you are buying. In a capitalist system, the amount that something costs should determine the quality of the product.
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Rolling Hill Mfg.

condition: new

make / manufacturer: Rolling Hill Manufacture

model name / number: Plain Jane Model

size / dimensions: 8 w x 16 lgth x 8 h

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