Get Rid of Broomsedge, Ragweed, & Nettle


AgriTec’s Pro-Cal and Adv-Cal are liquid solutions to liming the soil. They work just like lime, in the sense that they go into the soil, raise calcium base saturation levels, pushing hydrogen out of the soil and balancing soil pH. The only difference being that in liquid form you eliminate breakdown time so unlike dry lime, you don’t have to wait a year for this to go to work. Additionally, liquid eliminates the negative sediment that dry lime typically leaves in the soil.

“The two totes of liquid Calcium I bought did wonders on my pastures. I haven't ever seen anything like it. My neighbors keep asking me what in the world did I do to my pastures and fields, it completely killed all my weeds. This is the best hay I have ever had. My friends and neighbors will be calling you - I am telling everyone." Charles S. | 2017

“You said this would get rid of my broom straw weeds and bring up my soil pH and it did just what you said it would on 10 acres. So I am ordering 110 gal to use on my other fields. I want to try your BioActivator next.” Martin T. | 2016

“I have 8 acres I tried Pro-Cal plus Form, I usually get 220 bales after applying ProCal and From I got 850 square bales. Many of my friends have called you to order. I am ordering for 150 acres. Great product!” Tom S 2019

“Rob, just want you to know my grass has never looked so good. It’s the greenest grass I have ever had, that Advance Cal really works. I am going to apply again in May again to keep it green.” Bill Craft 2018

"I put the 55-gal Liquid Calcium and BioActivator on my worst fields, well I am here to say that field look as good or better than my best hay fields, that's why I am ordering a tote of Liquid Calcium and enough BioActivator for all my fields. Never seen anything work like this." Ron R 2017

Pro-Cal and Advanced-Cal are on average HALF the cost of lime.


Equivalent to apply high grade ag lime

Raises soil pH

Balances soil base saturation

High carbon energy to increase growth rate


Same Benefits as Pro-Cal Plus:

Contains 52 Trace minerals and Micronutrients

Contains Humic Acid to provide organic matter to the soil

Increases nutrient availability in the soil and nutrient retention

Both our Bio-Active Liquid Calcium products come in ag grade liquid form. Meaning they can be applied through a standard liquid sprayer with no risk of corrosion or plugging.

Pro-Cal and Advanced-Cal are chelated liquid calcium. Designed specifically for agriculture use.

We also offer custom blends. Let us know what you want in it, and we can make it for you.

Give us a call today to find out pricing on treating your fields, and start getting rid of weeds, and getting more hay out of your fields.

All orders include free shipping and delivery. Call to speak with a local soil adviser for pricing and more information on using liquid calcium to raise your soil pH levels and add liquid fertilizer to your growing program to more effectively add nutrients to your soil.

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