Overcome Drought - Affordable Applications - Produce High Yields

This year, AgriTec products proved that even under drought conditions, you can still produce high.

Traditional fertilizer relies heavily on high quantities of rainfall to help it break down. AgriTec products are already broken down and therefore don’t rely as heavily on rainfall. In the past year severe drought has hit most of the country. Across the board in side by side trials AgriTec’s Liquid fertilizers out performed the dry equivalent application. Much of this has to do with weather tolerance. Liquid fertilizer needs significantly less precipitation to become activated in the soil and available to the plant compared to dry.

Additionally in high rainfall situations liquid fertilizer is less likely to run off compared to dry fertilizer.

While traditional fertilizers have skyrocketed in price, AgriTec products remain affordable. We are:

  • Cheaper than traditional fertilizers
  • More effective
  • Easier to apply

Our products also go to work faster and are proven to produce better yields than traditional.

When coming out of a drought, it is vital to fix the soil and prepare it for future crops so it continues to produce.

Liquid fertilizers:

  • Do not heavily rely on rainfall
  • Work better in all conditions
  • Rain safe in 6 hours

25-0-0 Triazone Slow-Release Liquid Nitrogen:

When standard nitrogen is used, over half of the nitrogen can be lost from it being bound up in the soil or washing out before the plant can use it. 25-0-0 eliminates this issue by releasing the nitrogen over an extended period of time while still keeping it in the key root zones. This drastically reduces any burn the crops may experience.

Ortho Liquid Fertilizers:

Ortho liquid fertilizers are pharmaceutically safe for livestock. They go to work in 2 hours and you don’t have to wait for rain or above 75 degree weather to get them started AgriTec’s ortho liquid fertilizers are formulated for foliar and soil application. By applying foliar, you don’t have the leaching and the waste. All of our fertilizers are bio-boosted with amino acids, probiotics, carbon energy, humic acid, root growth stimulators, and trace minerals.

Additional Benefits:

  • Safe for livestock and reduces risk of burn
  • Improves overall plant immunity
  • Improves plant vitality
  • Seed safe at recommended rates
  • Quick uniform emergence
  • Increases drought tolerance
  • Low impurities
  • Large stronger root development
  • Reduce crop stress
  • Improve plant photosynthesis
  • Higher brix levels
  • Great fruitation
  • Increases plant maturity
  • Increases soil nutrition
  • Boost plant fruit production
  • Increase plant cell development

When using urea or ammonium nitrate, there is a high risk of burning standing crop or grass due to dissipation. Our fertilizers utilize a slow-release nitrogen technology, nearly eliminating that risk of burn.


“I have never baled this much grass hay and alfalfa hay. So green. I applied the Nitro-Maxx+ and 10-20-10. We are using your whole program Foliar act NitroMaxx, 10-20-10, Pro-Cal. And on our beans and wheat foliar act, 25-0-0 and 3-18-18.”

Joel N., 2022

“I was very nervous when buying your product after I found you on Facebook. But its been 3 days since I put down that nitromaxx. I just checked my hay field. It's so green it looks black. I've never seen anything like this before. No application of nitrogen has ever done anything like this before. After I put down the calcium, I saw amazing results as well.”

Landry D.,  2022

“I applied your nitromaxx+ to my winter wheat. Within a week you could see it going to work. Ive never seen nitrogen work so fast or efficient. Where I over lapped you could see a distinct line that was even greener than the areas that didn’t. I even stopped for a second and I could see a line there too. This stuff is really taking off. I'm excited to see what your full program does to my beans.”

Rusty B., 2022

"My neighbor (John Walldrop) has used you guys for years and his fields are always so lush and so green, and he gets 17 more bales off of 12 acres than I do, he uses Nitro-Maxx+ Adv-Cal and 10-20-10+ and I use standard granular fertilizer. With the prices being the way they are this year I decided I want to change over to you guys."

Gary T.,  2022

“I used Advanced Cal and Nitro-Max Plus on 18 acres. This is the first since 2008 when I bought this place I did not need to spray weeds. Will use your product next year. Thanks.”

Charles B.,  2021

“That combination of 4 gal 25-0-0 and 4 gal 3-18-18 per acre, it worked great. I baled 70 more bales total than my normal year.”

Jeff C., 2022

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