Pedigreed Holland Lop Bunnies - $115

Welcome to Laura's Lops Rabbitry! We are a family run rabbitry located in Salley, South Carolina. We strive to produce only the best, top quality Holland Lop and Mini Lop rabbits that adhere to the ARBA Standard Of Perfection. We are proud members of American Rabbit Breeders Association and have been raising and showing rabbits for over 25 years. Our rabbits are our PETS and get regular exercise, premium feed, organic hay, fresh veggies, filtered water and plenty of attention from our family. We breed for unique color and ideal type and interact with them daily so that they make wonderful pets, 4H rabbits or show bunnies for your family.

Please visit our Facebook page at for more info.

Show/Brood/Pet Bunnies $115-$150

All of our bunnies come with a pedigree, transitional starter food,a bunny care guide and litter training instructions. We also offer lifetime support and guidance for the bunny.🐰

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