ProCal RAISES pH cheaper, more effective and faster than Ag lime


Worried about drought, well Agrtec have customers after customer that did way better than their neighbors during drought this year. Also ProCal is rain fast in one hour the sun doesn't evaporate ProCal and rain won't wash it away.


Do you seem to be fighting a losing battle, no matter how much herbicide you use. Well ag science has proven weeds grow when the calcium saturation level is to low.

Don't miss applying lime, it's not to late with ProCal or Advance Cal which are cheaper than granular ag lime or "superlime"? Weed don't thrive in high calcium saturation . Agritec's PROCAL Liquid Calcium and BioActivated Ortho Liquid Calcium' are the lowest price in the USA.

Darek Nielsen mn 2022, as what he posted on Agritecs facebook page, Due to the research below , I ordered a tanker, 4100 gal to treat all my fields.

“I did a sided by side in a field . The average soil pH was 5.4 in a 40 acre field. I applied 4 tons of ag lime on one half and applied 3 gal of pro cal (per acre) on the other. Applied both in the spring. By the end of June pH level where the ag lime was spread was 5.5 and where the liquid calcium was applied, it was 5.8.

In the fall I sampled again, Ag lime was still 5.5 and the pro cal was 6.3. The next spring I sample, ag lime was 5.8 pro cal was 6.8. The fall sample showed ad line 5.9 and pro cal 6.9. The following year (year3) spring. Ag lime was 6.1 pro cal 7.0. That fall as lime was 5.9 and proc al 7.1.

Year 4 ag lime in spring was 5.7 and pro cal was 6.8. The fall ag lime was 5.6 and pro cal was 6.5 . Year 5 spring ag lime was 5.6 and Pro cal 6.3. Not sure what the fall will be but as far as I can tell this product worked for me.

Yield and plants looked way better on the pro cal side. Keep in mind, I spent $32 a ton per acre spread with the ag lime. Which cost me 128 buck an acre. Where the 3 gallons of pro cal cost me 30 bucks an acre. Benn doing this test for 5 years now and I’m convinced it works. I just ordered a tanker of pro cal to do all my fields.” Darek 2020

Agritec's research and results have show on pH 5.5 to 5.8 use 3 gal per acre from 5.3 pH and below apply 4 gal per acre . We only apply 5 gal per acre when pH is 4.8 and below.

New studies by two different research institutes AgriCenter Research on ProCal and Tuskegee University on Advance cal.

control INTIAL pH 5.4
PLOT 1 5 GAL PROCAL pH 5.4 to 5.9
PLOT 2 5 GAL PROCAL+.5 FORM14 pH 5.4 to 6.3
PLOT 3 5 GAL PROCAL + 3 GAL NITROMAX pH 5.4 to 6.5
PLOT 4 5 GAL PROCAL+ 7 GAL 3.18.18 pH 5.4 to 6.3
PLOT 5 5 GAL PROCAL + 7 GAL 3.18.18 + 3 GAL NITROMAXXP + AERATE pH 5.4 to 6.4 104 bu wheat

control 5.4
PLOT 1 4 gal Advance cal per 6.8 pH to 7 pH
PLOT 2 5 GAL ADVANCE CAL 6.9 pH to 7.1 pH

Calcium builds the cells of the plant, applied directly on the plant foliar cause up to 40% more plant growth. So now it's time to apply 3 gal ProCal per acre. If your soil pH is below 5.5 you will need to apply 4 gal per acre.



Rob, my county agent saw a world of difference in our soil report this year over last year. Last year he recommended 3 tons of lime per acre. After applying 3 gal of ProCal per acre this year he said our pH was in the mid 6.4 range and we didn’t need any lime, he could believe the results. John P 2021

Jonathan, please see the attached soil reports. We purchased a piece of property that had been clear cut of pines. After grinding approximately 15,000 stumps and spending hours clearing the brush, we had a field ready to plant. Unfortunately, the acidic pines had left a soil pH of 4.6. We applied your biocalcium on the ground in September of 2018 and planted oats. The Oats turned out great. When we repeated the soil test in March of 2019, the soil pH had risen to 5.8! We were very impressed. We plan to do the same thing to another 10 acre section we just got cleared. We truly believe in this product. C Welch 2019

"I didn't think your liquid calcium would work like it did. I did part of my field in peal lime and the other in liquid calcium and your product raised my pH in one year where I don't need anything this year. My county agent wants to know what I used to make that much difference in one year, I told him liquid Calcium. I am ordering this year for my other fields. I will send you the before and after soil reports." - Dwayne Wiseman 2018

Rob, my pH was 5 I needed to plant alfalfa, I applied 3 gal Advance cal, now my soil pH is 7, The field looks great, I am ordering a tote now to do all my fields Don Woodson Shelby 2019

This was my second application of the calcium. I only applied on half my field my normal yield is 80 bails, but I got 120 bales off that one field. I think if I would have covered the whole thing, I would have seen a 200% increase. Charles S. 2021

The Ag service told me my soil pH was so low at 4.7 , that it was a wonder I could grow anything. I used your liquid Calcium and now my pH is 6.9 , I had the tallest corn I have ever had and average 175 bu corn per acre. Jim B 2020

Universities studies have proven ProCal Liquid Calcium works longer, faster, more effectively and is cheaper than ag lime. ProCal Liquid Calcium is the modern and easy way to apply calcium, required trace minerals, nitrogen and energy on your for bringing up your soil pH and calcium saturation levels. Which adjust the pH by increasing calcium saturation and displacing hydrogen ions. ProCal is non-corrosive, food grade, rain fast in one hour has a average of 2-3 year soil life.

PROCAL Bio-Liquid Calcium Is the Trucker Nutrient:
Important nutrients such as Nitrogen is not absorbable by the plant without the help of what is a called a trucker nutrient Liquid Calcium. Essentially what a trucker nutrient does is attaches to these other nutrients and carries them into the plant. Without liquid Calcium, nutrients are unable to reach the plant, rendering them completely ineffective. As every farmer knows, fertilizer is a big investment. This investment needs to be as effective as possible, because this is what effects production on the top end. Calcium is the primary trucker nutrient for plants. If calcium levels are not where they need to be in the soil then more than half our that investment is being lost as soon as the fertilizer hits the soil. Proper calcium saturation insures that 90-100% of the fertilizer is available to the plant, unlike what commonly is only about 40-50% availability. IOWA STATE RESEARCH HAS PROVEN THAT PROPER CALCIUM SATURATION LEVELS WILL CUT YOUR SPRING FERTILIZING PROGRAM BY UP TO 45%.

University after University have also researched microbial bacterial, and liquid calcium regarding their relationship to the soil and plant.
Pro-Cal™ faster and more effective than lime
Pro-Cal™ neutralize soil acidity.
Pro-Cal™ build soil base saturation increasing nutrient movement and absorption.
Pro-Cal™ increases the efficiency of fertilizer by 50% or more.
Pro-Cal™ reduces soil compaction.
Pro-Cal™ strengthen cell wall in plant.
Pro-Cal™ promotes root development.
Pro-Cal™ is cheaper per lime.

Pro-Cal contains with amino acids, root stimulant, carbon energy, humas, Prebiotics and trace minerals, is Agritec's Advance cal.

DON'T BE FOOLED BY IMITATIONS! 1 gal per acre will not raise your soil Ph, only Advance Cal or ProCal BioLiquid Calcium are NOT CALCIUM NITRATE! Of all “liquid limes’, and other liquid calcium’s. Advanced Cal or ProCal BioLiquid Calcium have been proven to positively effect pH, cheaper and faster than lime or calcium nitrate. Calcium Nitrate has a tenancy to burn the plant if over applied. This is why it is usually recommended that 1 gal calcium nitrate to 30 gallons water, be applied. Three years ago, Agritec was approached to market calcium nitrate, but we declined due to the fact we could not find field studies, or University research, that showed calcium Nitrate effecting pH. According to University studies,

Agritec, respect farmers, but Agritec uses PHDs to formulate our products. DON'T BE FOOLED BY IMITATIONS! only Advance Cal or ProCal, BioLiquid Calcium are NOT CALCIUM NITRATE! Of all “liquid limes’, and other liquid calcium’s. ProCal BioLiquid Calcium have been proven to positively effect pH, cheaper and faster than lime or calcium nitrate. Calcium Nitrate has a tenancy to burn the plant if over applied. This is why they recommended that 1 gal calcium nitrate to 30 gallons water, be applied. Three years ago, Agritec was approached to market calcium nitrate, but we declined due to the fact we could not find field studies, or University research, that showed calcium Nitrate effecting pH. According to University studies,

Be careful of over application OF CALCIUM NITRATE! ADVANCE CAL AND PROCAL don't contain nitrates.
Overview of Nitrate and Nitrite Poisoning By Larry J. Thompson , DVM, PhD, DABVT, Veterinary Toxicologist

Nitrate poisoning occurs because the nitrate is broken down to nitrite in the rumen. In normal circumstances this nitrite is further broken down to ammonia in the rumen and is then used by the rumen microbes to make protein.

Last full review/revision Dec 2014 | Content last modified Jan 2015 However, when large amounts of nitrate are eaten over a short period of time, the nitrite accumulates in the rumen and is absorbed. Once in the bloodstream it reacts with iron in the red blood cells so that they can no longer bind oxygen.

“Many species are susceptible to nitrate and nitrite poisoning, but cattle are affected most frequently. Ruminants are especially vulnerable because the ruminal flora reduces nitrate to ammonia, with nitrite (~10 times more toxic than nitrate) as an intermediate product. Nitrate reduction (and nitrite production) occurs in the cecum of equids but not to the same extent as in ruminants. Young pigs also have GI microflora capable of reducing nitrate to nitrite, but mature monogastric animals (except equids) are more resistant to nitrate toxicosis because this pathway is age-limited.

Acute intoxication is manifested primarily by methemoglobin formation (nitrite ion in contact with RBCs oxidizes ferrous iron in Hgb to the ferric state, forming stable methemoglobin incapable of oxygen transport) and resultant anoxia. Secondary effects due to vasodilatory action of the nitrite ion on vascular smooth muscle may occur. The nitrite ion may also alter metabolic protein enzymes. Ingested nitrates may directly irritate the GI mucosa and produce abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Rob, Per your request please find before and after application of Procal , soil analysis. You may wish to note that last year and the year prior, fertilizers only were applied however only the ProCal in March this year for the pH. Thus, the sole reason for the increased pH is the ProCal. I intend to check on getting you some photos. Rob, Yes sir, I recommend ProCal. : Today Jeff, the AandM soil testing lab manager, provided the soil test results – pH up 1.3 points to 6.5 since applying ProCal per your recommendation a couple of months ago. Also, everything’s greening up real nicely for early May. Trent L 2019

E.E Schualter and K.A Kelling professors of Soil Science University of Wisconsin
Choose the most economical liming material ( available Calcium , Liquid Calcium Chloride) when raising calcium is required. Do Not apply gypsum or Calcitic lime to Wisconsin soils to increase ca:ma ratio .

Plant, Soil, and Fertilizer Considerations, Kansas State University
"Chloride, an often-overlooked nutrient, is essential for plant growth. Deficiencies of this nutrient have been verified in Kansas. Chloride is essential for photosynthesis and serves other critical roles in plants. Plants take up chloride as the Cl- ion. This ion is very mobile in the soil and is subject to leaching. Soil testing and plant analyses have proven useful in identifying potential deficiencies of chloride." - Ray E. Lamond and Dale F. Leikam, Chloride in Kansas

Boost your cover crop growth while adjusting that soil pH. PENN STATE EXTENSION
“The effective use of calcium chloride .... sprays may be the most cost-effective, quickest cultural practice for reducing low-calcium physiological disorders.... \ We recommend applying 3 to 5 (Gallons) pounds of calcium chloride per acre per season ....... Calcium in the form of liquid calcium chloride is recommended because of its proven effectiveness and lower cost........ it is important to make sure you develop a season-long program for applying sufficient total amounts of elemental calcium.” Penn State Extension

Has research data changed recommendations for providing calcium?, By Glen Harris and John Beasley, University of Georgia, and Julie Howe, Auburn University
Finally, over the last three years, a new technique of using liquid calcium chloride or calcium thiosulfate through the pivot during peak pod fill has been tested at UGA and has shown promise for providing calcium to the plant. If gypsum becomes in short supply, this method may be a valuable alternative for calcium application.....calcium application.....

Why use tons of lime on your fields that won't be available to your soil or plant for six to eleven months or more when you can use 3 gal of ProCal Liquid Calcium per acre.

I applied your Pro Cal last year and it took care of all my broom sedge. I also got some of your Nitromaxx plus and applied it 2 gallons per acre on half my fields. The other half I applied 100 lbs of urea and did the same amount of bails. I’m going to up my application this year to 3 gallons of NitromaxxP on everything. Wayne M. 2022

Allen Stewart 2020 It works wonders quick especially if you have really low soil pH like mine was! I doubled my hay yields in one season! I was amazed because I don’t believe in anything till I see it in action and no I don’t work for agritec! Lol Worth every penny!!

UNDERSTANDING SOIL pH RESULTS Belinda Lake Yanco Agricultural Institute GEORGIA
Soil pH effect on plant response A soil Ph (CaCl2 calcium chloride) of 5.2 to 8.0 provides optimum conditions for most agricultural plants (Figure 1). All plants are affected by the extremes of pH but there is wide variation in their tolerance of acidity and alkalinity.

ProCal Liquid Calcium Helps prevent weeds from growing, next spring. WEEDS TRIVE IN LOW pH AND LOW CALCIUM SATURATION, ProCal Liquid Calcium, HELPS solve those weed problems and SAVES ON YOUR SPRING HERBICIED and FERILIZER COST. If you’re having weed problems then your soil may have low pH, ProCal Liquid Calcium can help solve this problem by raising the pH.

Rob, My fescue, and orchard grass fields no longer have broom sage or weeds. The hay was so thick I had trouble cutting it. That's why I need some more liquid calcium for my Bermuda field it just doesn't look good. I don't want just the liquid Calcium I want it loaded with the BioActivator. Robert T 2017

Well Rob, you said this would get rid of my broom straw weeds and bring up my soil pH , it did just what you said it would on 10 acres so I am ordering 110 gal to use on my other fields. I want to try your BioActivator next. Martin T 2016
Hey Rob, I used two of your products last year and got good results, so I wanted to start off with your products for my pastures and hayfields. The first soil test is marked as powerline and is fescue and it had a lot of broom sage your product stunted the broom sage but didn’t get it all, the hayfield did well considering our weather so please review these and let me know what I need to order. I have included my soil test. Rene 2018

“We sprayed a small test strip right where we redid our ditch line. We noticed our weeds reduce and the moss disappeared. We are spraying on the rest of our property this year.” Sarah, 2019

John M 2019, well Procal did what you said it would, I had no weeds in my oats. I usually have to use herbicide this year I didn’t . It was a very clean harvest.

We used the liquid calcium on our food plots over two months ago and did not get rain Till just recently even after the turkeys and dove had their way with our seed to our amazement a good amount of what we planted still came up not long after it rained.
I got little growth from what I had planted so I tilled up ground we and sprayed on Advance Cal I got unbelievable growth. Never seen anything like it also just like you said the weeds are gone. Ed Lindey LA 2019

" The Ground Zero liquid calcium got me my best plots yet. I applied last year and the deer are still tearing up those same plots. you'll be blown away by the before and after pictures. Thanks a ton Tim" Allen Todd GA (Tim)

Worked out great on my hay but also on my Food plots visually less weeds and good growth “ Jesse Eicher IN 2020

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ProCal RAISES pH cheaper more effective and faster than Ag lime

ProCal RAISES pH cheaper more effective and faster than Ag …

ProCal RAISES pH cheaper more effective and faster than Ag …

ProCal RAISES pH cheaper more effective and faster than super

ProCal RAISES pH cheaper more effective and faster than super