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( Standard Lot $89 ) Monthly

( Corner Lots $99 ) Monthly

( Over Sized Lots $109 ) Monthly

( All Duplexes $125 ) Monthly

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* Real Estate Management Companies are welcome too!

(We also specialize in Bulk Rental Homes & Duplex accounts.

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Tropical Green Lawn Services | Bi-Weekly Mowing $79

Have the best looking lawn on your block with less mowing, less watering and less money. Tropical Green's goal: Keeping all our clients in our service area looking good. Tropical Green Lawn Services bi-weekly mowing is the best value to fit your needs and budget. Enjoy your lush beautiful lawn with no worries. Our 2 cuts a month plan keeps your grass looking great with no effort on your part. Our Lee County locations offers Commercial Mowing Services to Apartments, Duplex's, Industrial Parks, Retail Plazas, Shopping Malls, Office Parks and Hospitals. If you are ready to have the best mowed propert...