Gelcoat-Fiberglass-Polyflake Boat Repair Training

"This is how to do Gelcoat Boat Repair" Training by Dr Gel

Gelcoat and Fiberglass Repair Training -
"Give me a call, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain"

Read Feedback from our students in Boating On The Hudson Go to on See "Past Issues" March/April Issue "Ask Dr Gel" starting on Page 42!

This is a gelcoat repair training school with Instructor Dave Weakley a.k.a "Dr Gel" and owner of American Boat Restoration. His successful skills are backed by over 45 years in the trade "There is a lot you need to know about gelcoat. "I will teach you how to do repairs the correct way. There is a lot of bad information on line-blogs/forums/videos that can lead to a big messy disastrous repair!"
Save yourself from a lot of frustration and banging your head on the boat-
Learn proper techniques from someone who's been doing repairs for a very long time. We teach how to do proper repairs, not "patches"
Training programs we offer teach all aspects of Gelcoat - Fiberglass - Polyflake & most importantly Color Matching Repair
Expert Color Matching is a key part of our training program. We know and will teach you how to achieve a great color match.

Buffing - Grinding - Fiberglass layup- Mixing - Catalyzing - Color Matching
Spraying - Sanding - Finishing
Learn what Best Tools & Materials to use to do a successful repair.

Training is mainly "hands on" - No video to watch -Not a classroom setting.
Personalized small class size training! No more than 2 students unless they are from the same facility.

This is a great class for Boat Owners, Dealerships, Marinas, Body Shops & Yachts Clubs
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CONSULTING SERVICE available for gelcoat repair facilities
Training can be arranged at your facility. Let us help you improve the quality of your boat repairs at your own shop. Please call us for more information.
" Thanks again for coming up to our marina for the training class/repair. I learned a lot. The customer was astonished to see how well the repair turned out." Service Manager

From our students

" I thought you would get satisfaction how your life has affected another in the gelcoat world. I never would have attempted or considered doing this job if our lives had not crossed. Every time I gelcoat I am reminded that my beginnings were because of your kind sharing of your knowledge and experience. I a way a part of you is on my boat"
"I can't even begin to thank you enough for your class! After losing my partner, who did all our Gel-Coat work, I was certainly concerned as to who would finish our repaired projects. After taking your class I am able to turn out better work than we had in the past and without all the problems we had been having. You not only provided excellent hands on training but also explained what we were doing to cause the problems we were having in the past. We are now turning out a better product than we ever had!
I would certainly recommend your class not only for new people to the profession but also as a refesher to others in the business as well!" S.R. President of a ny boat repair facility
Another student wrote
"I was very impressed with the level of skill and knowledge Dave possessed in gelcoat repair. Truly Dave is a gelcoat artist. More impressive was Dave's skill as a teacher. Teaching is more about focusing on student learning than the amount of content covered. Dave focused on my learning. He monitored my progress and made adjustments to reinforce specific skills, to make corrections, as well as move to the next level when appropriate while making changes to his teaching style to suit my learning style. I recommend Dave's class for anyone w-ho wishes to learn or improve their skill in gelcoat repair." Deric T. student Chittenago, NY
January 2017 Student " Loved it. It was a steady flow of information every second of the day. I not only learned a unbelivable amount, I had a great time. Exceeded by far my training expectations"
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