Grow Elderberries from cuttings - $20

Elderberries are high in antioxidants and easy to grow. Full Production by year Three. This price is for a pack of 5 cuttings of 3 varieties, to start your own plants. You need more than one variety for optimal pollination and production. Instructions are emailed to you after ordering. You may see more about the varieties and larger packages (less per cutting) at THIS IS WHERE ORDERS ARE PLACED AND CONTACT INFO IS FOUND

These cuttings come from a 10-year-old patch established on our 3 generation family owned small farm. We have a certified nursery, and the plants are protected from crop sprays and exhaust fumes. The patch gets inspected every year. When you visit our website and purchase from us, you are helping to preserve the time worn tradition of small family farms in this country. Thank you.

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Elderberry Propagation - How And When To Take Elderberry …

Elderberries (Sambucus canadensis) are native to parts of North America and are seen as a harbinger of spring. The delicious berries are made into preserves, pies, juices, and syrup. Elderberries are woody plants, thus starting elderberry from cuttings is a simple and common method of elderberry propagation. How to propagate elderberry cuttings and when is the best time to take elderberry cuttings? Read on to learn more. When to Take Elderberry Cuttings

Elderberry propagation via cuttings should be softwood cuttings. These are the best for propagating elderberries due to the new growth that is just at the cusp of maturity. Take your softwood cuttings in early spring when the plant is just breaking dormancy. Cuttings form new roots from leaf nodes on the stem and, voila, you have a new elderberry plant that is a clone of the parent. How to Propagate Elderberry Cuttings

Elderberries are suited to USDA plant hardiness zones 3-8. Once your soil has been prepa...