Super Lime Plus... Derived from Ag Lime ..Costs less per acre!!

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Super Lime Plus was developed by growers with over 40 years of experience, It's designed to do more than just raise the pH.

Our formula also provides energy to the soil which will increase organic matter and reduce weeds.

This is NOT another calcium chloride liquid that requires multiple gallons per acre, adding chloride in any amount to your soil is never a good idea!

Super Lime Plus is derived from granular Ag lime and is HIGHLY concentrated!

*** NON-corrosive and 100% water-soluble so it won't clog! ***

Super Lime Plus is immediately available so it can be applied at any time... No more missed opportunities or waiting months for the lime to become activated.

Added soil activators not found in traditional lime and chelated calcium stimulate both the plant and soil to work together to reduce acid and promote better organic matter formation in the soil.

The science behind our formula is different, It works differently to enable the soil to respond much stronger than with conventional lime. No other liquid or granular lime offers these added benefits!

Chelated Calcium
The calcium found in our formula is clean and of the highest quality, This means it's readily available to the plant and there is no waiting for it to be released like with Ag Lime.

Nitrate Nitrogen
For a plant to feed and benefit from nitrogen, it must be converted into Nitrate (NO3-N) and it's the soil biology that does this conversion for the plant. Super Lime Plus provides a pure source of readily available nitrate to help feed the plant and it too works immediately!
(Reason) When calcium is combined with nitrate in the plant, it leads to strong protein building and better nutrient mobility.

Complex Carbohydrates
Soil microbes, which help the plant feed on fertilizer nutrients, are dependent on carbohydrates for food. It gives them the energy to build organic matter and process nutrients to feed out and up to the plant!
(Reason) Carbohydrates are not readily available in the soil, It's the plant that provides the sugar ( carbs) for the microbes.

Super Lime Plus is the only formula that provides an abundance of carbohydrates for the soil microbes to begin feeding immediately! Activating the biology boosts the symbiotic relationship between plant and soil so the balance becomes repetitious for the long term.

Building organic matter in the soil is the key to long-lasting success, this formula will ensure that the microbes have all the energy they need to get the job done right.

We offer what NO OTHER liquid or granular Ag lime can.

  • Super Lime Plus provides an abundant supply of carbohydrates!
  • Both plant and soil microbes feed aggressively with no energy loss or nutrient drop off!
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