Liquid Fertilizer - Cheaper and more effective than granular

AgriTec’s bio-boosted ortho liquid fertilizers work faster, safer, and are cheaper than granular fertilizers. Compare prices to other fertilizer companies and while you’re at it, compare our results. AgriTec didn’t raise its price like the co-ops did.

New studies conducted by the AgriCenter International Research Center prove the positive effects Nitro-Maxx+ has on plants. 

AgriCenter International Research Center 11/17/21 - 6/21/22. 

    • CONTROL (80 units of Nitrogen): 5.4 pH, 78.6 bu/acre
    • PLOT 1 (Pro-Cal): 5.9 pH, 88.1 bu/acre
    • PLOT 2 (Pro-Cal, Form 14): 6.3 pH, 88.1 bu/acre
    • PLOT 3 (Pro-Cal, Nitro-Maxx+): 6.5 pH, 88.6 bu/acre
    • PLOT 4 (Pro-Cal, 3-18-18+): 6.3 pH, 93 bu/acre
    • PLOT 5 (Pro-Cal, 3-18-18+, Form 14, Nitro-Maxx+, Aerate): 6.4 pH, 98 bu/acre

Nitro-Maxx+ is a slow release liquid nitrogen designed in a special formulation to allow the nitrogen to more effectively enter the soil and stay available for the plant to decrease nitrogen loss and insure money isn’t being lost by nitrogen evaporation and by being bound up in the soil.

When using Urea or Ammonium Nitrate there is a high risk of burning standing crop or grass due to dissipation. Nitro-Maxx+ decrease and nearly eliminates that risk by controlling the release of the nitrogen.

When standard nitrogen is used over half of the nitrogen can be lost due to it being bound up in the soil or washing out before the plant can use it. Nitro-Maxx+ eliminates this issue by slowly releasing the nitrogen over an extended period of time while still keep it in the key root zones.

Nitro-Maxx+ is easy to apply with a standard liquid sprayer.

Nitro-Maxx+ cuts fertilizing costs by getting you the most out of your money.

Nitro-Maxx+ contains trace minerals and micro-nutrients to increase soil carbon energy and provided needed nutrition to the plant.

Nitro-Maxx+ stimulates plant root growth.

Nitro-Maxx+ is non-toxic and safe and easy to use.

Nitro-Maxx+ decreases risk of burn while increasing plant foliar uptake.


“My neighbor used you guys. His fields look better than everyone else’s. One guy asked him why that was, and he said he used your products. That’s why I bought some.” Tim M. 2019

“This is my first time to use it but I put it on two green fields, right down the center, 25 feet wide. After two weeks it was obvious that those sections were growing much better, much greener. I went back and sprayed the entire fields and they all are doing better.” Dennis Gilbert

“I’m just calling to reorder for me and my neighbor. I got 2 drums before but I need two totes, one for me one for him. He saw how well my pastures looked. I could really tell the difference. I told many of my neighbors.” Todd C. | VA 2018

Nitro-Maxx+ is a more effective, and better source of nitrogen for your fields than urea or ammonium, while still being able to keep fertilizing costs down.

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