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I am located in Rockford IL. I believe that I am the only facility anywhere in the region that has shipping storage container inventory that you can actually come inspect and choose your own container. I always have containers in a wide range of conditions ranging from as-is to mid-grade to upper-grade to new 1-trip units. I usually also stock double door units, open side and 10' units.

If by chance I don't have what you need I can very easily source and order exactly what you want. Whether your needs are local or nationwide I have the proper vendor resources to locate and order every single type of container out there.

Want to rent a container? Call me.

Have a container you want to sell? Call me.

Need one moved? Call me.

Can't make it to me? No problem, I can easily send you pictures !

While all containers are manufactured the same they do not all AGE the same. Similar to a used vehicle in that you can have a fifteen year old car that is literally falling apart or you can have a fifteen year old vehicle that looks like it was made yesterday. So therefore they shouldn't all be priced the same. If someone gives you a set price there is a 99% chance they are giving you the cheapest possible price on the lowest quality container they can purchase. And don't forget about delivery charges. While it is ok to check price it is not wise to chase price. It is very easy to chase price right into problems.

Can you think of a single used product in the world that has a set price?

I sell and deliver anywhere in the region and surrounding states. I own my transport equipment and only use specialty tilt trailers to deliver your storage container. This allows for very accurate positioning of your storage container almost anywhere on your property.

I am a proud and supporting member of the National Portable Storage Association. An organization of top-shelf professionals involved in the shipping container industry.

Contact me with your questions and lets see what we can do to assist in solving your storage problems.


Now for some information to consider prior to investing in your storage shipping container.......

99% of the sellers here on Craigslist or on Facebook are NOT located anywhere in the region. They are spread all over the USA, could be Florida, Montana, Arizona....wherever. ME AND MY INVENTORY ARE LOCATED HERE IN NORTHERN ILLINOIS !!!!

99% of these brokers also operate from their home and have ZERO inventory. They completely SUBLET everything. You will NOT be able to choose your container. I do have INVENTORY that you can come by and look at or I can text/email pictures to you. If they offer to text/email pictures these sellers will send you stock photos they have pulled off Google.

Many brokers will REQUIRE payment in full prior to ordering and delivering, and only accept credit cards. Well what happens if they then bring a LOWER QUALITY container than what you ordered? They may possibly refund you, however it will almost always be minus the delivery charge and probably a major restocking fee. So you either accept what they bring you or you take a financial hit. These terms will either be in the fine print of your receipt or cleverly hidden somewhere on their website.

Some of these brokers brag about getting you "hand-picked" containers. Well there isn't such a thing. The facilities where the containers are picked up from simply cannot allow their yard to operate in this manner. In the suppliers facilities the containers are organized by conditions and all are loaded on trailers with what's called "top of stack" method, meaning the next container is loaded on the next trailer. If a yard allowed any type of hand picking there would be huge delays and they would only be able to load about 25% of the containers they normally do in a day. Any seller that says they can hand pick a container is basically lying. And if they'll lie to you about that then why wouldn't they lie to you about anything else.

Any type of "free delivery" is a very basic scam. They either simply bump the container price in order to cover cost or they lower the container quality further than normal. Either way.....nothing is really "free"

Please use caution when purchasing your container, there is a lot of gamble/risk. There are TONS of horror stories about purchasing shipping storage containers. Here are some links to just a few.......

Here is a news article about sellers scamming consumers money and then disappearing

An actual website that is dedicated to shipping container scams...

Here are some reviews about the companies that use brokers and they have ZERO inventory. In order to get the most realistic views make sure you sort by lowest first.

These are just a few of many reviews. Please be aware that a lot of the five-star reviews at these sites do tend to be “fake”, you can usually tell because of the wording, usually using specific names and are overly glowing. For example “Nina J was the best sales person in the world” and “the driver Joe was the absolute greatest I’ve ever seen” or "Mark was over the top exceptional" and so on. There’s even one review site where a specific person rec’d several 5-star reviews…...all in the same day, all mentioning her by name and of course all were absolutely glowing.

You will also see that all of the "glowing" reviews are all five star rating. And all of the bad reviews are one star ratings. There are almost never any two, three or four stars. Again, this is not normal.

Once again. Please use lots of caution when you are purchasing shipping containers. Its your money, make your investment wisely and with more knowledge than "lowest price"

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