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At Myron Terrain Management we specialize in taking control of your land from invasive overgrowth that strangles a healthy outdoor space and limits the overall enjoyment or production of the land. We have the specialized tools and skill set that allow us to quickly and efficiently remove this overgrowth in a manner that practically eliminates all damage to the ground surface and surrounding trees, thus supporting restoration and preservation of your land. From brush to trees of all sizes, we take on it all.

We pride ourselves on working in the space between "two guys, a chainsaw, and a truck", lawn care firms, and excavation companies. We possess the skill set and equipment needed to preserve your land and your checkbook! We do in hours what would take guys with chainsaws a week and when we are done, there won't be any large unsightly brush piles to burn or 3 ft. deep ruts. You'll be left with just a beautifully reclaimed space to be enjoyed by all. Whether it be nice flat land, hill sides, or along the edge of a pond, we have what it takes to get the job done. This is what we do everyday and we are darn good at it!

Because we have these unique tools available and a great team to run them, our value proposition far exceeds that of our competition. Once the initial clearing is done we can help you with continued management by offering rough area mowing, chemical application, seeding, and bulk tree planting services.

We work with everyone from small property owners to large corporations and offer continuing maintenance contracts as well.

You need something special done like a sporting range built, a drainage tile installed, or a structure cleaned up, we can help.

We show up on time, get the job done right, and leave you to enjoy your land!

Services include but are not limited to:

Large Qty. Stump Grinding 10+ (Please note, our equipment is larger and won't work in most suburban yards. Pastures and rural estates are where we shine!)
Small To Large Acreage (1/2-20) Clearing Services
Slash Cleanup following Logging Operations
Forestry Restoration (i.e. Ash Removal)
Brush Pile Processing
Pasture Reclamation
Food Plot Preparation
Elimination of Invasive Plant Species
Fence & Survey Line Clearing
Shallow Soil Milling
Waterway Ditch Bank Cleaning/ Clearing
Pipeline Right of Way
Fire Break Construction
Habitat Improvement
Site Clean Up
Hiking/Riding Trails
Ditch Bank Reclamation
Trails Road Clearing
Home Site Clearing
Underbrush Removal
Hunting Access Lanes
Utility Easements
Hunting Leases
Utility Right-Of-Ways -- ROW
Farm Land ROW Maintenance
Vegetation Management
Wildlife Habitat Restoration
Woodlot Beautification
Rough Area Grass Seeding
Bulk Tree Planting
Herbicide Application
Light Excavation and Grading

Don't see a service listed. Give us a call.

Bowling Green
Fort Wayne

AND ALL AREAS IN BETWEEN! We are willing to take our show on the road!

For additional information visit our website at or check us out on Facebook at

For additional information give us a call anytime at (812) 913-4991 or respond to this post.

Veteran owned and operated.

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