Bromeliads: thousands to choose from

Vast inventory of: Imperialis, Odorata, Androlepis, tiger, Neoregelia, Alcantarea, Cryptanthus, Vriesea, Aechmea, Billbergia, Luterias, Hybrids color, assorted Varieties:

Hundreds available, various types and sizes, starting at 5.00, in 1 Gal pot,
Take a look at the pictures.

We have thousands of other nice gardens plants and Palms of almost all type, some of them rare, exotics and uncommon, prices vary according to sizes and rarest.

-Agaves, -Cactus, -Aloes, -Sansevierias, -Philodendrons, -Monsteras -Ground Covers, -Fruits Plants, -Succulents, -Ground Orchids, -Hedges Plants, -Arecas, -Podocarpus, -Clusias, -Interior Plants, -Trees, -Crotons, Etc, Etc...

We are a Plant Nursery open to the public, located in SW Miami in the "Redland Farm Zone" close to Kendall, Perrine, Homestead, Gould. if coming by the Turnpike, it will be a few blocks off exit 11, going west.

If interested on visit my nursery, please call me at 786-525-129SEVEN (English or Spanish) No email please, prices are cash.

condition: excellent

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