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perez Tree Service has provided, ,Raleigh,knighdale,Wendell, Zebulon,wake forest and surrounding area , and the surrounding areas for over 12 years. Specializing in high-quality tree trimming, removal, landscaping, mulching, stump grinding, chipping and shredding services.
Our trimmers specialize in storm damage and emergency 24 hours a day. We handle all jobs, insurance work, residental and commercial. No job is to large or to small. Contact us perez, cell 540 522 9302 , for tree trimming, stump removal, and other landscaping services,
Homeowners and business owners alike trust our tree trimmer to remove unwanted trees. We have the knowledge and expertise needed to answer any of your questions and concerns. We are licensed, insured and we have liability and workers comp insurance coverage. And because your satisfaction is our number one goal, we work hard to maintain solid working relationships. Even if you’re selling your home or commercial property, you might consider cleaning up the exterior to remove trees that block a clear view of the beautiful scenery or just look messy and unsightly. A manicured look is always more pleasing to the eye and can potentially increase the value of your property. And of course, coming home to a park-like setting is always a pleasure.
Contact us today for a FREE Estimate on tree trimming, stump removal and other services we offer. Senior citizens recieve a 10% discount!
Tree Trimming
Free estimates are provided and service rates depend on the tree. We can even make shapes upon request.
Tree Pruning
We provide quick, great-looking tree pruning services.
Branch Removal
We trim and remove branches.
Tree Chipping

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Tree Service | Tree Removal | Tree Trimming

Tree removal, tree trimming and stump grinding is dangerous work. Most times, this is not the type of work you want amateurs performing around your property, or loved ones. There are ladders, chainsaws, bucket trucks and stump grinders, combined with extreme heights and windy situations. When hiring a tree company, you must be sure they are up to the task. The last place you want to save a few dollars is here. At TreeTrimming.net of we are insured through LLoyds of London for all phases of tree care services, which include the use of ladders, bucket trucks, stump grinders, pruners, chainsaws and other tree care related equipment. Licensed & Insured

State of Florida, Broward County Cerificate of Tree Removal/Tree Trimming/Pruning & Storm Preparation. Broward County License # 13100

  • Palm Beach County License # 2010-07640
  • Town of Ocean Ridge License # 2361
  • Tree Service Insurance

    1. Underwritten through Lloyds of London
    2. General Aggregate $2,000,000.00
    3. Insurance information available upon request

    Professional Tree Service

    Do you have Pine Trees, or Melaleuca Trees you need to remove? Call us today at 561-440-2160, and let us help you with all your tree trimming needs. Looking For The Right Tree Trimming Service? At TreeTrimming.Net, we have been in the tree service industry since 1992. We are experienced in all phases of tree care, from removing trees from the roofs of houses, after the devastation of hurricane Andrew and countless other south florida storms, to routine shopping mall tree trimming maintenance projects. Additional We Services Offer:

    • Hedge Trimming
    • Mulching
    • Lot Clearing
    • Stump Grinding
    • Fertilizer Programs
    • Lethal Yellowing Programs
    • Canary Island Date Palm Trimming
    • Landscape Designs and Installations
    • Tree Care Consultations
    • Debris Removal
    • Pressure Washing & Cleaning

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