Advanced Liquid Hay & Pasture Fertilizer...Cost less per acre!!

Highly Active and Fortified to do MORE!!!

Yield Increase

Growers are able to get multiple fertilizer applications in a season with our formulas
and still spend almost 50% less than with granular commercial fertilizer.

Average Commercial fertilizer cost
1 application  on 35 acres with 19-19-19 ............... $6,340.00  

Average NLS liquid fertilizer cost
2 applications on 35 acres with NLS custom blend.....$3250.00

MORE for your Money!!


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Growers that have used our blends have been able to recover from drought and get the yield they needed.


Billy is very happy with the results on his Bermuda hay field.
He wants another tote for the other side now.  There is a big difference
in the quality and we can tell he'll be getting extra rolls.
Thanks,  ( Danny H. - Circle H Ag supply )


Hey Ron, 
David S. here. This is one of my alfalfa fields that I put your products on.  ( see pics )
I Used only  1 -1/2 gallon super k 29 and 1//2 gallon super seed starter then got two light rains on it.
It's been 28 days since the last cutting and it made 3 big square bales to the acre. cost me less per acre
than my neighbor and he's gonna get less. The quality of mine is better too.  


Advanced Blending technology!!

DUAL-ACTION FERTILIZERS! -- Foliar Feed and Root Feed!  

Because of our unique bioactive formulation, all of our fertilizer blends will work not only as foliar feed but as soil feed as well.
For this reason, nutrients are available longer, and more fertilizer is used by the plant!

With the high cost of granular fertilizers, now is a good time to look at a high-quality and reliable alternative!

Safe around grazing animals - these formulas won't burn and are non-corrosive! 

All of our formulas are made from HIGH-QUALITY FOOD GRADE materials ONLY. ...NO chlorides - EDTA or petrochemicals.

All of these formulas are fortified with added soil amendments that add an abundance of carbohydrate energy to the soil!  This helps restore bio-activity while feeding the crop!!

Our fertilizer blends not only feed your plants immediately but will also work to improve the soil!  ( Build Organic Matter )


Here are just some of the formulas we offer!

LIQUID POTASH 0-0-29 + --- Pasture Max 16-4-8 + ( minors ) --- Hay N Pasture 3-18-18 + ( minors )

--- Bermuda Blend 0-2-30 +1-S --- Alfalfa Maxx 0-6-30+2s --- 20- 4- 4 + ( minors) --General purpose.. 10-10-10

We can also help you make your own 19-19-19 for far less! ...... Call to find out how... 800-989-7361


More than just Fertilizer!!

Soil Organic Matter
Higher levels of organic matter ( Humus ) in the soil are the key to maintaining soil fertility and lead to better production and quality.

Strong Bioactivity and organic matter also balance the pH and provide weed control.

It is for this reason that ALL of our liquid fertilizer blends are designed to provide powerful bio-stimulants while providing the proper nutrients!


Both RFDTV and Ag Ph.D. have done shows that talk about the importance of raising the organic matter content in the soil and how
Humic Acid & Fulvic Acid can play a big part in this. ( check out their youtube channel )

They also mention how some of the bigger fertilizer companies are now investing in the same technology and products that we've been
using and providing for years! ......However, Not all formulations are made the same!


Each of our formulas is fortified with a select set of soil bacteria and carbohydrates to help bio-activate the soil immediately!
This keeps the soil active and balanced, KEEPS THE WEEDS DOWN, and allows fertilizers to move freely to the plant!


* Better Nutrient intake and uptake ....................................( Plants use more by feeding at the leaf and the root )
* Better Humus production & pH balance ...........................( Organic matter controls acid and suppresses weeds )
* Better root growth and moisture retention .......................( Organic matter stores nutrients and holds moisture )

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