Finance, Accounting, Excel and Spanish Lessons

Elite Finance, Accounting, and Excel Tutoring by CPA & Former Professor Christopher Ore of California

Spanish Tutoring Provided by Linguistic Expert & Professor Tomas Xon of Guatemala


Information about Finance, Accounting, and Excel Expert Christopher Ore:

Frustration Stops. Right. Here.

My name is Christopher Ore and I help clients to crush exams, projects, papers, assignments, or quizzes in Finance, Accounting, and Excel. My business partner, Tomas Xon, is a linguistics expert who teaches conversational Spanish and English. We both teach exclusively via Zoom, but are not hesitant to meet clients in San Francisco or Guatemala City, if you happen to visit.

I have served on the business faculty of 4 universities and have been teaching Accounting, Finance, and Excel to thousands of students for over 13 years. I entered college at 18, graduated at 19, and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) at 20. I hold an undergraduate degree in accounting, an MBA in finance, a law degree and a masters degree in politics.

I am a battle-hardened professional with exceptional Google and Yelp! reviews, and I was rated 3rd best professor out of 2,157 faculty at Penn State University. Now, I tutor and advise clients full-time, and when you hire me, you are dealing exclusively with me—not some big company. I am a 100% native English speaker.

I have assisted undergrads, MBAs, MHAs, and Ph.D. students. I work effectively with those with learning disabilities, and those who are encountering finance or accounting projects at work or with their small businesses. I also help with papers and projects for many different subject areas, in business and well beyond.

In 2021, I tutored 97 clients and 98.96% passed their course, many with A’s. In 2022, my clients achieved a pass rate in excess of 99%. If you are willing to put the work in—both while you are working with me and on your own—I will get you that passing grade.

My rate is $95.00 per hour for tutoring. You’ll walk away with an organized, mission-critical, Excel file with formulas, concepts, equations, and examples—which is built exclusively for you—I do not use any pre-packaged material.

Don’t take any chances! When you hire me, it is virtually impossible to be scammed: you’ll never sign a contract, you have my cell, personal email, website, google reviews, Yelp reviews. I’ll send you a Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, or Cash App request for payment only after our tutoring session.

For my complete background, reviews, and my clients’ frustration-to-success stories go to or take a peek at my Google Reviews. I can be reached on WhatsApp, via text, or on my cell: 215.205.2551. I can also be reached at Please review my website ( and the charity I run for children with physical disabilities at

To see my Google Reviews, simply Google “google reviews Christopher Ore”


Information about Linguist and Spanish Expert Tomas Xon:

On a full-time basis, I teach both English and Spanish in Guatemala. I am 100% fluent in both languages, and I traditionally teach clients/students from 12 to 63 years old. As a parent of an 11-year-old son (who is bilingual), I know how to keep kids engaged. About half of my clients are kids.

Like Christopher, you’ll never pay in advance of my services. You’ll never sign a contract. I have extensively taught Spanish to Americans and Europeans via Zoom, and I tailor all of my classes, depending on the skills of the student and focus (such as medical, business, law, tourist, etc.)—even if it’s just for fun or for an upcoming vacation in Costa Rica!

I am professional, cordial, and responsive. You can reach me at or via WhatsApp at 502.5478.2163. Please visit my website at:

My rates are competitive at $25 per hour. I accept Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, and Zelle.


Tomas Xon
My Website:
WhatsApp: 502.5478.2163

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