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🌟SAT: 85% of our students have a score increase of 263 points when they successfully complete our SAT program.
🌟ACT: 91% of our students have a score increase of 5.6 points when they successfully complete our ACT program.

Through ongoing diagnostic assessments, we only focus on our students' weak areas. This proven strategy significantly cuts down the test prep time, resulting in satisfyingly test results.

🎓📚Student Placement
Our students have been accepted to attend Yale, Stanford, Harvard, NYU, Columbia, Bryn Mawr, Rensselaer Polytechnic, University of Virginia, Wharton, Brown, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, University of Wisconsin, Haverford, Rutgers, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins, Fordham, Indiana University, Wake Forest, University of Illinois, Worcester Polytechnic, Georgia Tech, Princeton Academy, RIT, University of Texas Austin, University of Pennsylvania, UCLA, Dartmouth, Rice, Cal Poly, Duke, and Brooklyn Law School among other prestigious schools.

🟧Elite Ivy League Tutors

At Bright Leadership Academy, we take test prep seriously! We hire tutors with different specialties based on our students' academic needs, so we are able to provide tutoring for any subject on demand. Our team of SAT tutors/educators are all professionals with advanced degrees.

BLA's tutors score above the 95th percentile on SAT. Almost all of our BLA certified tutors attend top universities on full scholarships. Additionally, they receive ongoing, high-quality professional training to enhance their tutoring skills.

🟧Contact info

Dr. S. Shaikh, Ed.D.
Columbia University Alumnus

Tel: (929) 426-8706
Email: aeriusa@hotmail.com
W: www.brightleadershipacademy.com

🟧Testimonials (Check out our GOOGLE REVIEWS for even more testimonials)

"My tutoring experience with Joshua has been great. He’s very knowledgeable and patient. I felt comfortable working with him, and he knows how to explain topics in plenty of ways to make them easy to understand. Math has always been the most difficult subject for me, but when I met Joshua I gained a better understanding and my first ever A on my final exam!"
-Lorenzo D.

“My score increased at least 200 or more points every SAT practice test! BLA is not only effective when it comes to learning, but interesting with the outgoing teachers!”
-Joan H.

"Shazif has been extremely helpful in preparing my daughter for SAT. With Shazif's guidance, she was able to jump from 1300 to 1600 on practice tests. I would highly recommend his lessons!"
- Nicole S.

"I'm looking to take the ACT in March or April, depending on how the studying goes. I have found Zarya to be an awesome tutor and definitely worth it. She is the second tutor I've worked with for the ACT and it has been a better experience. She gives you ample problems to do between each class and go through them quickly so that no time is wasted. She highlights the formulas you need to memorize. I definitely recommend Zarya for anyone seeking tutoring on the ACT."

"Jessie helped me with the ELA section of the SHSAT. When I didn’t know how to solve a question she could pinpoint exactly where I was stuck and walk me through the solution. Jessie was prepared for each session with content and the session links beforehand. Definitely recommend!"

"I’m working on getting my SAT scores up across the two sections. My first class with Larosh has been extremely informative. Not only did he go through a diagnostic test that he had me take but also pointed out some areas of weaknesses to work on for the next class. He also suggested that I try the ACT just so I can see how I might compare between the two tests. I definitely recommend Larosh as even from the first lesson I can tell that he has been teaching for some time. I am confident my scores will improve when this is all done."

"Currently, I'm taking statistics for a Business course and Dieuanh was a great help, simplifying the statistical problems, especially when concerning Chi-Square Statistics and Chi-Square distribution. The way she simplifies the problems, allow me to have a greater understanding and enable me to resolve each of the questions for this class, overall improving my GPA."

"Jason has been a great tutor for my college pre-calculus course! He always approaches teaching based on how I learn so I am able to understand the concepts quickly. Working with him is incredibly helpful and I am so exited to already be seeing positive results in my course!"

✳️ With over 15 years of experience, Bright Leadership Academy has established itself as the leader in tutoring and mentoring for all students in Grades K-12 and college in all subjects. Our mission is to help students achieve high test scores.


Zoom/Skype sessions are held in a 1-1 setting, which let students go through a customized curriculum at their own pace. Academic progress is measured through quizzes and homework reviews.

Each student takes a diagnostic test and receives a comprehensive evaluation that pinpoints strengths and areas of concern. Afterward students frequently take high-quality exams. After each test, they receive a personalized score report, highlighting their specific strengths and weaknesses, and a test review, during which students receive targeted and valuable guidance as well as tips in understanding and answering questions. Based on their test results, our tutors short-term performance targets.

Enroll your child in our tutoring program today and set them on the path to a bright future.

All the Best,
Dr. Shaikh

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