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Hi, my name is Alexander, and I have been tutoring for over 10,000 hours of successful tutoring sessions! In my time tutoring, I have tutored elementary through graduate-level students. I have successfully prepared students for SAT and ACT Math tests, and up to Calculus level work. In high school, I was in an accelerated math program where I was able to take AP Calculus AB in my junior year, and AP Calculus BC my senior year. After taking the AP Calculus AB & BC Exams, I scored a 5 out of 5 on both tests.

My tutoring philosophy focuses on the individual. I like to know what each of my clients enjoys doing outside of school so I can relate the math concepts they are learning to things they enjoy doing. To accomplish this, I design my lesson plans and customize them to my client’s personality. For example, if I have a student who plays basketball, I will have them solve problems that incorporate basketball concepts, such as finding a team's field goal percentage. By focusing on each person uniquely, I can fully understand why the student is not grasping certain concepts and can help them understand concepts and terms they are already familiar with. This is why all of my students have been and will continue to be successful!

I am available for online, group, and individual sessions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you soon to help you achieve academic and personal success!

Math: Algebra I/II, Calculus (AP AB & College Level), Geometry, Precalculus, Statistics (AP, College Level, & with Excel, R, or SPSS), & Trigonometry

Computer Science: AP CS A/Principles, C, C++, CSS, Databases (Microsoft Access, MySQL, SQL, SQLite), HTML, Java, JavaScript, Linux (Bash/Zsh), Python, & R

Test Preparation: ACT (All Sections), ASVAB, GED, GRE (Quantitative), HiSET, HSPT, SAT (All Sections), & SSAT (All Sections & Levels)

Text/Call: 724-804-8356

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