Pro-Cal Liquid Calcium - Fastest and Cheaper Way to Lime

Pro-Cal will raise your pH fast. Goes to work in one hour and has a three year soil life. Food grade and safe for livestock.

New studies by two different research institutes AgriCenter Research on Pro-Cal and Tuskegee University on Advanced-Cal.

AgriCenter International Research Center 11/17/21 - 6/21/22.

CONTROL (DAP, Potash, Urea): 5.4 pH, 78.6 bu/acre
PLOT 1 (Pro-Cal): 5.9 pH, 88.1 bu/acre
PLOT 2 (Pro-Cal, Form 14): 6.3 pH, 88.1 bu/acre
PLOT 3 (Pro-Cal, Nitro-Maxx+): 6.5 pH, 88.6 bu/acre
PLOT 4 (Pro-Cal, 3-18-18+): 6.3 pH, 93 bu/acre
PLOT 5 (Pro-Cal, 3-18-18+, Form 14, Nitro-Maxx+, Aerate): 6.4 pH, 98 bu/acre
"The preliminary research results from Tuskegee and our producers' farms indicate that your products are promising. For instance, your liquid calcium products have increased soil pH here at the University." Dr. Frank Abrahamsen, MS, Ph.D.

Pro-Cal™ is a liquid calcium derived directly from dry limestone that allows you to raise your soil pH faster and apply the product easier. AgriTec has years of before and after soil tests and thousands of happy customers to back up our products.

Pro-Cal™ is a pure liquid calcium designed to supply the soil with needed soluble calcium in a fraction of the time that is takes for traditional ag lime to break down. Pro-Cal™ cation levels in the soil quickly and efficiently. Pro-Cal™ eliminates the normal 9 – 12 month breakdown time involved with standard lime allowing the soil to immediately begin purging hydrogen and getting the calcium that is needs.

Pro-Cal™ last in the soil for multiple growing seasons.

Pro-Cal™ is easy to apply through a standard single point, dual point or boom sprayer, and can also be applied through planters.

When using standard lime many impurities are left in the soil, causing soil hardening over time. Pro-Cal™ is made by extracting the same calcium in lime and liquifying it into a concentrated state ensuring that the soil is getting only what it needs.

"We applied 3 gallons of Advanced-Cal per acre to 200 acres of beans in May of 2019. The fields looked great all year but as soon as we started running the combine we were blown away. We averaged 86-89 bushels per acre where the most we have ever gotten in previous years was 45-50 bushels per acre. And on the upland beans we averaged 58.6 bushels per acre where we normally average 47. I need to order more and my friends want to order too." Robby O. 2020

"I applied Advanced-Cal to my hay ground. One field that normally produces 45 bales went up to 73 bales, and my other field that normally produces 60 bales produced 80.” Sam Keegan, 2019

“We have been using Clean Green products for several years now with excellent results. Last year was the first time we had used their new product C4 (Gro-Energizer.) We used it on our corn in a side-by-side trial and with the Bio-Activator treated corn did 22 bushels better! This product is the best bang for the buck foliar we have ever seen!” Daniel | 2019

Liquid Calcium has been studied and proven by nine land grant universities that back the effectiveness of liquid calcium in fixing soil conditions and improving growth. AgriTec is a family-owned company since 1976 and has helped thousands of farmers around the country over the years.

What Pro-Cal Can Do

On average an additional 2 round bales per acre on hay.

On average, an 8-12 bushel per acre increase on beans.

On average a 25 bushel per acre increase on corn.

Advanced-Cal™ offers the same liming benefits as Pro-Cal™ but has a bio-activator added in to boost soil health and microbial activity. The bioactivator consists of a blend of 52 trace minerals and micro-nutrients, a microbial, and humic acid for organic matter. The blend is designed to not only build up soil but to give the plant the best source of nutrients possible.

Pro-Cal™ faster and more effective than lime

Pro-Cal™ neutralize soil acidity

Pro-Cal™ build soil base saturation increasing nutrient movement and absorption

Pro-Cal™ increases the efficiency of fertilizer by 50% or more

Pro-Cal™ reduces soil compaction

Pro-Cal™ strengthen cell wall in plant

Pro-Cal™ promotes root development

Pro-Cal™ is cheaper per lime

Advanced-Cal™ does all of the above, plus:

Advanced-Cal™ increases soil microbial life

Advanced-Cal™ increases water retention in the soil

Advanced-Cal™ increases plant protein levels

Advanced-Cal™ increases soil organic matter

Advanced-Cal™ increases micro-nutrient levels in the soil

Calcium serves many purposes for a growing crop. It is the trucker nutrient meaning in order for nitrogen to enter the soil or to reach the plant there needs to be sufficient levels of Calcium in the soil.

Healthy soil has a base saturation of 75% Ca and 15% Mg. Soils with low pH indicate these levels are low resulting in wasted fertilizer, increase chance of weed, and lost production. Pro-cal ™ and Advanced-Cal™ fix that need and begin increasing soil calcium levels as soon as he touches the ground.

Pro-Cal™ is on average half the cost of limestone.


"That Liquid calcium and BioActivator is great. I am a believer now. My Beans did fantastically! Even my poor fields almost did as good as my best fields. I'll be buying again this spring." Bill B MO.

"We applied 3 gallons of Advanced-Cal per acre to 200 acres of beans in May of 2019. The fields looked great all year but as soon as we started running the combine we were blown away. We averaged 86-89 bushels per acre where the most we have ever gotten in previous years was 45-50 bushels per acre. And on the upland beans we averaged 58.6 bushels per acre where we normally average 47. I need to order more and my friends want to order too." Robby O. 2020

"I followed Agritec's complete system. I am very much satisfied with this program. After applying the liquid calcium, 1 lb. of N to raise one bushel of corn was just proven on my farm to be not true. We live in the day and age where it is time to step out of the box, away from the mainstream and try to utilize all the minerals left in the soil, plus add all the known minerals and nutrients, not just a few.” Greg L. | NE

“The soybeans just exploded on C4 (Gro-Energizer)! We saw a tremendous difference after only 1 application of C4 (Gro-Energizer)! I was skeptical at first; but Gro-C4 is the real deal!” Kevin | IA

“I can say we tried it out for the first time on a field that had a lime problem and it totally worked. [We will] spray more of our crops with it this year! We haven’t tried it on hay but would like too. Been hearing that it works best on hay ground.” Matt R. | Holland, MI 2018

“My neighbor used you guys. His fields look better than everyone else’s. One guy asked him why that was, and he said he used your products. That’s why I bought some.” Maine, 2019

“Well Procal did what you said it would, I had no weeds in my oats. I usually have to use herbicide this year I didn’t. It was a very clean harvest.” John M. | SC 2019

"Rob, my hay is so thick, and greener than I have ever seen it. My neighbors want to know what I am using. I have been telling them about the liquid calcium and Gro. I may need to order more Gro for my second cutting. I saved money on my fertilizer and nitrogen like you said I would. "Larry W Tx.

“The piece of property I put your 55gal Adv-Cal on had not been touched in 10 years. You could clearly see the difference where your product was applied and nothing was done. The broom sage was gone and the grasses grew like crazy. I am going to be getting 2 totes this year to cover the rest of my property.” Jeff PA 2019

"I sprayed BioActivator and Liquid calcium on my beans three weeks ago; I can already tell the difference, they look so different from the other beans. I am going to use it on everything next year." - Tim B NC

"Jonathan, those two totes of liquid Calcium I bought from you did wonders on my pastures. I haven't ever seen anything like it. My neighbors keep asking me what in the world did I do to my pastures and fields; it completely killed all my weeds. This is the best hay I have ever had. My friends and neighbors will be calling you, and I am telling everyone." Charles S TN

"My fields no longer have broom sage or weeds. The hay was so thick I had trouble cutting it. That's why I need some more liquid calcium for my Bermuda field; it just doesn't look good. I don't want just the liquid Calcium I want it loaded with the BioActivator." Robert T AR

"I put the 55-gal Liquid Calcium and BioActivator on my worst fields, well I am here to say that field look as good or better than my best hayfields, that's why I am ordering a tote of Liquid Calcium and enough BioActivator for all my fields. Never seen anything work like this." Ron R 2017

“Please see the attached soil reports. We purchased a piece of property that had been clear cut of pines. After grinding approximately 15,000 stumps and spending hours clearing the brush, we had a field ready to plant. Unfortunately, the acidic pines had left a soil pH of 4.6. We applied your biocalcium on the ground in September of 2018 and planted oats. The Oats turned out great. When we repeated the soil test in March of 2019, the soil pH had risen to 5.8! We were very impressed.” C Welch OH 2019

"I wanted to let you know this was a field that we separated and treated half with you liquid calcium last fall. To say the least, I am very impressed. We got 7 round bales per acre off this field, and last year it was only producing around four bales per acre. Thanks again!" - John K.

"This was our first year with CleanGreen, and we really saw the benefits and results in our first year! Since we seem to have the same problem with low ph, and depleted soils we have had to lime quite frequently, but this year we went with CALCIUM, Gro regiment and we were able to cut back drastically on lime and nitrogen! Anytime you can save a buck, while you make a buck it's a win-win and definite difference in my pastures. Where I sprayed the Gro my cattle congregated in those areas to graze. They absolutely loved it!!" -Neil B., Arkansas

"We saved over 50% on the cost of fertilizers on our crops by using Liquid calcium." - Nebraska Farmer

Bio-Liquid Calcium is less expensive by lime, sometimes being half the cost. Is university backed, and used by thousands of farms national every year.

Pricing isn’t listed because rates vary depending on acreage and location. Please give us a call for a quick quote, and free soil test analysis.

AgriTec's products have been proven to work time and time again. Servicing over a million acres a year and growing. Join the thousands of other farmers in using liquid calcium to manage your soil pH, and liquid fertilizers to restore needed nutrients to the soil.

All orders include free shipping and delivery. Call to speak with a local soil adviser for pricing and more information on using liquid calcium to raise your soil pH levels and add liquid fertilizer to your growing program to more effectively add nutrients to your soil.

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