Seasoned Firewood from reputable supplier - $110

****FIREWOOD**** Seasoned quality firewood for sale!

Seasoned Firewood for SALE $110 per pallet + $20bag fee

We are a licensed, insured business. We know how to load and are reliable, safe and most of all will always have firewood available. We are not fly by nites. We have well seasoned wood in stock.

Firewood sold by the pallet. $110 for stacked pallets or log lift bag full of wood for $110 also but a bag deposit fee of $20.
Firewood has been moving don't wait too long. I can easily load your trailer or pickup truck in seconds. has address and other info.
We are BY APPOINTMENT till spring.

All firewood is seasoned hardwood. (mostly oak) Comes from 2 reputable firewood companies.

Phone number is in the pics.
Buy from a reputable, RELIABLE seller.

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