Land Survey Personnel - All Levels

We are currently hiring for Land Survey personnel in Newport News, VA at the levels below:

Survey Instrument Operator (field role)
Survey Crew Chief / Survey Party Chief (5 yrs surveying experience ideal)
Senior Survey Technician (5 yrs surveying experience needed)

Must be able to pass drug screen and background check and have a good driving record so you can drive a company vehicle. Field personnel work outdoors in all types of weather.

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compensation: Entry Level Starts at $18 Per Hour.

employment type: full-time

job title: Land Survey Personnel - All Levels

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2382 Land Surveying - Engineering_Policy_Guide

Surveys that are the responsibility of a project surveyor (Registered Survey Party Chief) are generally described as Location Surveys. They are used to locate the right of way corridor, used to locate public and private lands, used to locate tracts described by metes and bounds, or used to locate any property associated to a right or interest. Location Surveys performed by MoDOT project surveyors fall into four basic categories; Right of way surveys,
  • Right of way resurveys,
  • Department parcel surveys, and
  • Public land surveys.
  • To ensure proper accounting for each of the various surveying tasks involved with land surveys, the correct coding must always be used. 238.2.2 Right of Way surveys

    Right of way surveys are performed for the purpose of locating, monumenting and describing newly acquired land...